Story Corps/Teacher Corps


Celebrate the wisdom and power of dedicated teachers!
Interview someone and share the story.

Radford University’s College of Education and Human Development announces its StoryCorps/TeacherCorps initiative.  The project’s purpose is for individuals to record conversations about teaching with the StoryCorps app and upload the audio files to the StoryCorps website to draw attention to the teaching profession as one that influences everyone.

The college’s goal to reach at least 1,910 interviews throughout the next 12 months, a nod to the year in which the institution, then known as The State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Radford, was founded.

“This is part of a very important initiative to inspire and recruit teachers into the wonderful and rewarding teaching profession,” said CEHD Dean Kenna Colley. “This event will inspire you to remind the world that teachers are the ones that truly make the difference.” Click play below to listen to Dean Kenna Colley and Dr. Martha Ann Stallings tell their story about inclusion in Montgomery County Public Schools.  Visit their StoryCorps page to see more.



Join Radford University in its efforts to celebrate the wisdom and power of dedicated teachers locally and globally. Interview someone and share the story. It’s as easy as… (see directions on RU webpage), or download the flyer.

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